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Learn everything you could ever be required to do with a Handgun.

From 8:00 am

$300 (Deposit $150 per person)

We will cover everything from basic take down of your weapon, lubing maintenance, handgun safety to the Fundamentals of Shooting including Grip, Lock Up, Sight, Press, Follow Through and applying those techniques during courses of fire developed to building and applying proper technique. These are the exact Techniques being used today on the battle field by our Nations most elite Special Operations Units. We will be shooting for time and accuracy also covering working from the holster, Combat reloads. Multiple shots, multiple shots multiple targets, and we will be shooting steel targets as well. We will cover and perform everything you could ever be required to do with a Handgun.

Gear and Equipment REQUIRED for class

  • Eye and Ear Pro (wrap around eye protection and electronic ear protection is preferred)
  • Handgun
  • 3 Magazines for Pistol
  • 700 rounds of Pistol ammo
  • Gun Belt¬†
  • Holster (preferably a leg Holster)
  • 2 Magazine Holders for Pistol Magazines on gun belt (must have the ability to hold your pistol Magazines on your body)

Gear and Equipment RECOMMENDED for class

  • Shooting Gloves
  • Hat
  • Sun Block Bug Spray
  • Sight in tool if you have one

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